TeleMessage is an enterprise mobile messaging platform developed to cater to the requirements of businesses and organizations.
As mobile messaging becomes more popular in the workplace, companies are seeking a way for fast, secure and reliable communication—TeleMessage solves that problem.
We are the alternative to common consumer messaging apps, providing a user-friendly experience, while protecting company data and ensuring reliable communication in real-time.
The TeleMessage solution in a nutshell:
  • Secure – messages are encrypted end-to-end, allow time-limited messages, forward-locking, remote lock & wipe.
  • Managed – Company Administrator can control and enforce information transfer policies. Archive messages, create companywide address book and generate reports.
  • Reliable – Get delivery and read notifications, convert IP Push Notifications that are not received into a standard SMS message 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • IT-Ready – APIs  to connect with any IT system and a Web portal and Outlook Plug to deliver Push Notifications, SMS, voice, fax and email messages.

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