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Empowering the Mobile Workforce


5 Things Field Workers Hate & How to Fix Them

In the service industry, there is an even greater drive to create a happy customer experience and a field worker’s unhappiness can easily turn into lost productivity and a damaging customer experience. With the popularity of mobile devices and apps, there are simple mobility solutions can change the way field workers and dispatchers approach the... Read More


Quickfire 5 Speaker Interview Part 3: Risk vs. Reward: Mitigating Mobile Security Risk and Incorporating BYOD into your Mobile Strategy

Following his participation as a speaker in the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Randy Dizon, Service Manager - IT Mobility Services, Shell discusses issues that impact on Shell’s mobility projects, such as IT consumerization and stakeholder engagement. Randy talks about how Shell are delivering a support model that incorporates social IT,... Read More

Customer Centricty


Case Study: World’s Largest Retailer Putting iPads in the Hands of Employees

In this exclusive whitepaper, find out how MOBI helped a large retailer use technology to launch streamlined customer experience and more efficient market management in partnership with Apple and Hewlett... Read More


Panel Discussion: Improving Customer Engagement through Smart Mobile Investments

Calvin Tu, Senior Director, Oracle is joined by enterprise mobility practitioners from Hyatt Hotels and Resorts and Safelite Autoglass to discuss how they are improving customer experience and maximizing customer loyalty by investing in mobile technology. Hear how Hyatt Hotels & Resorts measure return on experience (rather than investment)... Read More

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Investment Priorities 2017

Download now to find out what top mobility leaders are investing in for... Read More

The Global State of Enterprise Mobility

Now in its third year, this report, compiled from responses to our annual survey with over 300 senior mobility practitioners, will keep you in-tune with the developments and trends that have occurred over the past year in relation to the technologies that comprise enterprise mobility, and where business priorities should lie moving into 2016 and... Read More


The Mobility Revolution

We're in the middle of a Mobile Revolution. Mobility is changing how we live and work. Are you prepared? The Enterprise Mobility Exchange has created a short video detailing the mobile revolution and its impact on enterprise mobility today. Watch this video to find out how the fast-paced growth in mobility is shaping businesses and enterprise... Read More

Presentation:Creating Incredible Web, Digital & Mobile Experiences For Your Enterprise / Customer

The Mobile-First movement has been a transcendent shift in how we think about enabling business and workers of today and tomorrow. The modern workforce is increasingly becoming a generation of people with little recollection of a time before mobility. This means customers are coming with expectations driven not by constraints but by freedom. You... Read More

PepsiCo Case Study: Transforming Your Business through Mobile Technology

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Pepsico’s latest mobile initiatives. Learn how Jaime and team are riding the consumer wave and working to match consumer experience and speed in mobile technology across the enterprise. Hear how PepsiCo are addressing challenges like platform and device choice, engaging lines of business in mobility and... Read More


Focusing On The Future: What Are The Challenges and Opportunities in Enterprise Mobility?

We surveyed our global network of enterprise mobility leaders who are implementing mobile technology for their workforce, to find out what their biggest challenges are for the next 12 months and more specifically, what they will be investing in to overcome... Read More

Setting a Coordinated Mobility Strategy


The 10 Commandments of Enterprise Mobility

The 10 Commandments of Enterprise Mobility presents readers with insight from five leading influencers in enterprise IT and mobility. The gospel according to these practitioners will offer a unique look at lessons learned and suggestions for success, looking into core components of enterprise mobility such as user experience, security and more.... Read More


A Strategic Guide to Becoming a Mobile Enterprise

Mobile expectations are changing - enterprises continuously need new skills and offerings to successfully turn mobile opportunities into business outcomes. But, in order to be successful, there are a number of obstacles to overcome. Based on actual customer experiences, Michael Ziegler, Director,  Enterprise Mobile Solutions at IBM shares  a... Read More

Putting It All Together: What’s the Next Step in Your Mobility Journey?

Gain practical and innovative tips from this interactive video session, which was recorded at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange, Miami. Matt Berry, Marketing Executive, IBM leads a panel including David Krebs, VP – Mobile and Wireless, VDC Research; Todd Carey, Mobile and Supply Chain Executive, Kony and Derl Rhoades, Head of Power Delivery,... Read More

Using the Power of Enterprise Mobility to Catapult Your Business Forward with David Taylor, Director of Global Sales Systems, Hershey’s

When Hershey’s decided to upgrade devices, it was discovered that it was not so easy to go to next generation of capabilities. Key decision-makers delved into what was needed to create a better enterprise mobility strategy. Due to user demand, Hershey’s began to look at moving to iPads and customised a solution that would lead to a higher... Read More

Innovative Mobile Technology


How Mobility is Reshaping the Business Landscape

Technology is evolving faster than ever before and the strongest businesses are those which are able to adapt and embrace new developments and enterprise tools as they emerge. Companies across the globe are increasingly choosing to invest in mobile technology to make their organisation more agile and efficient, as well as to empower the field... Read More


NFL presentation: Realigning Technology & Operations to Drive Your Mobility Projects Forward

As mobile technology advances, organisations are learning to adapt to rapid changes to ensure they remain competitive, and that increasing customer and employees expectations are met. Manish Jha, General Manager Mobile, National Football League (NFL) gives insight into NFL’s work on creating the capacity to execute on mobile technology. Learn... Read More

Ensure Rapid Results from Your Mobility Initiatives by Aligning Mobile Technology with Business Strategy

In this interactive panel discussion from the Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Miami 2013, a select group of mobility experts from buy-side and sell-side explain how to secure buy-in from across the business to ensure an integrated approach. They also discuss mobile device management, future-proofing mobility investment, implementing HTML5, BYOD... Read More

Enterprise Mobility Moving Quickly: Mobile Apps and Emerging Technology

Being able to keep up with the rapid pace of change is the key trend affecting mobile application adoption at the moment, according to Drew Frederick, VP -- Application Development, Scripps Networks. Talking to us at Enterprise Mobility Exchange Las Vegas, Drew expresses his views on how challenges presented by the development and introduction of... Read More

The New BYOD Revolution: Multi-Channel Mobile App Development

Enterprise mobile device strategies are experiencing enormous disruption thanks to staff insisting on using their own devices to access work systems and data as part of the bring your own device (BYOD) trend. Many organisations are considering personally-owned mobile devices for business apps. BYOD is more than just shifting ownership of the... Read More

Case Study: Transforming Your Business through Mobile Technology

How are PepsiCo approaching the challenge of mobility? Join Jaime Montemayor, CIO, Frito Lay to gain a comprehensive understanding of Pepsico’s latest mobile initiatives. Learn how Jaime and team are riding the consumer wave and working to match consumer experience and speed in mobile technology across the enterprise. Hear how PepsiCo are... Read More


How Enterprise Mobility Strategy Makers Choose Suppliers in 2012

Gain a better understand of how enterprise mobility strategy makers choose their solution providers from this fascinating new infographic based on a global Enterprise Mobility Exchange industry practitioner survey. Find out who gets involved in choosing mobility solutions in a company, what factors are crucial to getting sign off for investment,... Read More

Mobile App Development


Quickfire 5 Speaker Interview Part 4: Optimizing Your Investments in Mobile Technology

Dr. Brian Laughlin, Technical Fellow, Technical Architecture / Strategic Planning, The Boeing Company joined the Enterprise Mobility Exchange to discuss best practice in developing a “killer app” for the enterprise. Brian highlights helping the business understand why they are implementing mobile technology, and what they want for solutions as... Read More

Panel Discussion: Developing a Smart Mobile Application Strategy to Improve Client Engagement and Drive Down Costs

Mobile apps emerged as one of the hottest topics discussed at the 2012 Enterprise Mobility Exchange. Panellists representing General Motors, Medtronic and Vivint discussed how they deploy applications that help differentiate their organisations and meet consumer and employee demand for information and services.... Read More