14-16 November 2017 |

West Coast

Key Themes of Discussion in 2016

As the enterprise world becomes increasingly mobile-first and digitally transformed, your mobile strategy will define the success of your organization in the immediate future and beyond. The following themes of discussion will be addressed at this year’s Exchange, enabling you to enhance business performance across your organization.

Mobile Devices

In order to ensure a secure and scalable approach to strategies such as BYOD and COPE, enterprises are investing more in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and exploring various options for mobile devices and operating systems. Discussions will explore how effective decision making in these areas can deliver improved mobile performance and security across your business. The 2016 Exchange will host the Panel Discussion ‘BYOD and Beyond’ featuring speakers from Mobile Iron, Aetna, Avery Dennison, Southwest Airlines and ESG

User Experience

One of the most notable recent trends in the mobile world has been the rise of UX as a strategic concern for the enterprise. The 2016 Exchange will explore how consumer-grade apps, smooth user interfaces, and functional UX can drive employee engagement and workforce productivity.
Sarmad Salim (Director of Mobile Solutions, Sanofi) will be delivering a presentation on ‘Mobile UX Vs. Security: The Best of Both Worlds’

Digital Security

Any weaknesses in your mobile enterprise architecture will surely be exploited by malicious third parties or exposed by internal vulnerabilities. End Point Security, Network Security and threat prevention/detection for example will therefore be discussed at length during the 2 ½ day Exchange.

Chris Grewe (CEO, American Prison Data Systems) will be sharing how complete mobile security can be achieved in US correctional facilities.


Developing high quality, agile mobile applications has become a critical success factor for any mobile-first company. Understanding how your DevOps team can collaborate more effectively, follow best practice and continuously improve mobile apps will be discussed in great depth at the Exchange.

‘Putting Collaboration at the Heart of DevOps’ by Scott Burnell(Global Lead, Business Development and Partner Management, Ford) will be a presentation you can’t miss.

Advanced Analytics

The emergence of cloud computing and complex big data have meant that advanced analytics, cognitive computing, machine learning and predictive analytics will add serious value to your company’s core business operations. You will learn how these emerging capabilities can be deployed in the sphere of mobility.

Emerging Technologies

Wearable technology, VR/AR and AI for example have arrived in the enterprise world. This year’s exchange will discuss at length why and how these new technologies should be implemented and how you can guarantee ROI in these emerging areas.

DHL Supply Chain’s George Bowser (Senior Director, Solutions Design) will be giving a cutting edge case study on the use of emerging tech in the enterprise.

Internet of Things

IoT and mobility are inseparable within the enterprise. Understanding how sensor and beacon technology, M2M systems and mobile devices and apps all contribute to industrial automation and operational excellence will therefore be a hot topic at this year’s event.

See Timothy Burr Jr. from Lyft share the secrets to implementing a scalable IoT infrastructure

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